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A 4-Step SWATT System To Scale Your Business With New Clients, On Autopilot

If you are a success-driven Business Owner, Consultant, or Service Industry Professional, where the growth of your business depends on getting a constant flow of new clients, then SWATT is for you. 

It is not simply a question of getting more clients - you need the right clients. Ones who WANT to work with you and who NEED your services. Unless you can achieve a constant and predictable flow of the right clients, your business will be in trouble.

Most strategies simply don’t work, things like blogs, podcasts, newsletters, social media posts, cold-calling and spam email. There is a huge difference between building an audience and building a business.


Signature Offering

Start by truly differentiating yourself from the competition and focus on the problems you solve for target clients. The most successful businesses solve the biggest problems, period!

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Webinar | Video

Create a personalised video / recorded webinar, which tells people WHY they should choose you, rather than your competitors. Tell them what problem you solve, and how. Your own automated Elevator Pitch.

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Align your digital footprint - Website/Facebook/LinkedIn with your new Signature Offering. Create a Landing Page to capture leads and convert to clients. 

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Define your ideal target clients, which are aligned with newly created Offering - those people and businesses that WANT and NEED your services.

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Pull the trigger on a fully automated system that drives your ideal clients to you, instead of you having to reach out to them manually.  

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Blue Oceans Strategy

You are no longer operating in an overcrowded marketplace, where everyone looks the same.

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Automated Prospecting

You have a 24/7, fully automated and well-oiled system to bring you the right clients, when you need them.

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Predictable Revenues

Once the system is fine-tuned, you will know exactly how many new clients you can attract at any stage. In other words, scaling is as simple as determining your capacity for managing new clients.

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No need to approach new clients with old-school methodology. New clients now come to you and all you need to do is sign them up.

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Reduce Costs And Save Time

There is no further need for manual prospecting - cold-calling, email, door-to-door or traditional media advertising. No need for large sales forces as the process does not require more people, only dedicated people that understand the SWATT system. 

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1. You are not prepared to put in the work. We can give you the plan to scale your business, but it is not EASY. It takes dedication and focus from both our sides. 

2. Don’t work with us if your services or products don’t solve major challenges for others. If you are selling the next multi-level marketing scheme or teaching people to play the piano, no offence, but we are not for you. 

3. Don’t start the SWATT process if you cannot see it through! It takes a bit of time to get the processes implemented and you need to commit to the entire process from the onset.


100% privacy guaranteed. Your information will not be shared.

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With more than 30 years experience in Corporate, Digital and B2B Sales and Marketing, our team of specialists help you to scale your business.

We teach our clients cutting-edge strategies that actually work. Every aspect of our business operates with complete integrity. We have a strategy that gets results and our support is simply the best.


Public Relations And LinkedIn Expert

Zelda Coetzee

Corporate, B2B Sales And Marketing Strategist

Riaan Pietersen

Stephen Coupe

Client Relations, Strategist 

And Thought Leader

Delighted clients include:

The majority of coaching and training programmes fail to create long-term results for their clients. This is due to a lack of integrity, a cutting-edge strategy and extraordinary levels of support at each stage.

If the health of your business depends on getting new clients through the door, we can help. It is not enough to simply TEACH an individual how to do something. Someone needs to coach you through the process, one step at a time.

Presentation, Video And Public Speaking Specialist

Bonita Nutall

sales training course
sales training course

Steve Hughes 

Presenter At OneFM Radio & Financial Guru

"SalesFlow offers such great value to advisors insofar as filling up their diaries with new client meetings is concerned. Absolutely fabulous and real strategies that actually work.''

Mohamed Bray

Saratoga Software - Head Of Advisory

"The coaches at SalesFlow have vast corporate B2B sales experience and a great understanding of why people buy. This programme really changed my way of approaching prospecting."

Florian Ploner

Sales Director - Capgemini Germany

''The SalesFlow Training Programme is absolutely spot on!

No time-wasting strategies - just sales and marketing that really works in this day and age. I can highly recommend Riaan and his team"


Deon Katzen

Managing Director - Bella Bathrooms

"The SalesFlow coaching team implemented a prospecting strategy that delivered beyond my initial requirements and my business has since produced a constant flow of well-qualified meetings and sales."


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